Ruta del Agua - Adeje's water route

Why and how water helped form Adeje

23 march 2023
The Adeje folklore school will present a theatrical presentation of how and where water was so instrumental in the evolution of the town, on Sunday March 26th.
Through drama, in costumes of the past, the group began to offer this annual event in 2016, bringing the public back in time to an Adeje that grew around the provision of fresh water. The presence of this precious element allowed for the development of the town and numerous hydraulic installations, which are conserved to this day.  With the route you will discover more of the history, traditions and culture of the town, following the water canals and springs, from the Barranco del Infierno to the Casa Fuerto (old fort house).

Historically the presence of water was the key to the development of settled societies and during the walk you will also discover more of the cultural heritage of the town, including the fort house itself. 

The route starts at the Barranco del Infierno at 11am.