Adeje opens new Auditorium, a theatre with the latest in technology and a great line-up of events

“We are putting this new infrastructure at the service of the people of Adeje, and the people of Tenerife”

17 march 2023
Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga today officially opened the new town Auditorium.  The restructuring of the old town theatre was co-financed by the council and the Tenerife Cabildo. The new Auditorium has two theatres, a 500 seater and a 100 seater.  Both boast the latest in lighting, stage and sound technology.   The Cabildo have funded 61% of the work (€4.9 million) and the council 39% (€3.17 million).  
During the inaugural presentation the programme of events already scheduled from now until the end of the year was presented, and includes national and international companies, theatre, concerts and classical presentation. 
The inaugural event took place in the presence of the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the president of the Tenerife Cabildo, Pedro Martín, the Cabildo vice-president Enrique Arriaga and Nuria Peñalba, from the SATOCAN construction company.  
The mayor said, “We are putting this new infrastructure at the service of the people of Adeje, and the people of Tenerife. This is top level cultural construction built by the Cabildo and the Adeje council.  It was also a complicated project, but any issues were overcome by team work.  We wanted this new auditorium to be at the vanguard of theatrical buildings, from qualitative and technological standpoints.”
The mayor indicated that “The Adeje Auditorium is in the town of Adeje, where the old cinema/theatre was: this was a renovation, and designed to incorporate our visitors as well as residents.  The town is also part of the tourism offer; we are working to ensure that the income generated from tourism benefits everyone in Adeje”.
The Cabildo president Pedro Martín added, “This is how we work on cultural infrastructure in the island, making sure that investment in cultural infrastructures goes to all parts of the island of Tenerife.”   The president detailed that the money the Cabildo had for this kind of investment had to be fairly distributed throughout the boroughs, “we cannot forget the municipal regions; they also have a direct relationship with our culture, have to be a part of the planning, such as we have done with Adeje.  However it isn’t up to the Cabildo to decide the needs of each borough, that’s for the councils to advise, to let us know what are the needs of each region are, the interests, how to deal with what might be lacking in the development of each part of the island”.
Cabildo vice-president, Enrique Arriaga, noted that one of the goals of the Cabildo during this term was “to make sure cultural events travelled out of the island capital and were able to reach audiences all over the island, with boroughs given the cacapity to develop their own cultural programmes, meeting the needs of each population”.   Regarding the Adeje auditorium, he observed that this was now the second biggest theatre in Tenerife (the biggest is the Santa Cruz Auditorium), “and is here to serve the population of the south of the islands, who can now look forward to symphony concerts, stage plays, musicals, etc.”
Nuria Peñalba Martinez, a director of the construction company SATOCAN, congratulated the Adeje council.  “It is important to state how easy it has been to work with the Adeje council, who always responded to our queries and requests regarding any difficulties and above all it is to be noted that they chose a Canarian company such as ours, with a dual emphasis on professional training, as well as recognising talent in both men and women in the industry and in our company”.  
Also present at the opening were representatives of the state security forces, of religious and educational bodies, businesses from Adeje, and members of the council.

Technical characteristics
The new Auditorium building is a total remodelling of the old cinema/theatre which was built in the 1990s.  The old building had one floor; the new auditorium has four, with two stages, dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, and conference facilities. 
The main auditorium is a 500 seater; the small theatre space can hold an audience of 100.  The auditorium is designed specifically to mount theatrical works, with an up-to-date stage box, with proscenium, stage and wings, and extremely generous spacing.
The floor height can be lifted or dropped.  The main auditorium has three galleries and a full modern backstage scenery system. The work on the acoustics has been one of the priorities of the rebuilding, and the theatres are totally soundproofed. There is also air conditioning linked individually to each seat which will also contribute to energy efficiency. 
The building is fully adapted to those with reduced mobility and the designers have also incorporated a simultaneous translation system for productions which opt to use it and a system of induction loops for those with hearing difficulties.
The exterior of the new building has been fitted with a series of glass panels which are LED illuminated and will also be used to publicise up and coming events. 
With some advance notice already published, the public will already be aware of some of the productions coming to Adeje this year, including Dumbo el Musical, En Otra Clave, Pedro Guerra, Mayumaná, Paz Padillo, We Love Queen, Totally Tina, and the Chinese National Acrobats.  The full programme is online
Guided visits
There will be a series of guided visits (currently in Spanish, with one in English planned) for the public and interested groups.  More information and registration online