Adeje is offering lifestyle courses to sports students

The aim is to give students relevant nutritional information and teach them about responsible social media use

13 march 2023
Adeje council’s sports department, under the direction of Councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, has designed a series of workshops for sports students, to help them learn important information about nutrition, and responsible use of social media in sport.
Both workshops are part of an overall programme of courses that are offered to the students in Adeje during the sporting season.  
“It is fundamental that we are here to offer students this kind of education, on the importance of good nutritional habits.  Students are learning what to eat and when, which in turn helps with their sporting development too. And in parallel, in a world that is more and more globalised with immediate access to all kinds of information on-line, we know how important it is to teach students about the correct use of social media”, said the councillor.
The students will be learning not just what foods are better for them but how to plan their diet in line with training sessions and games, and in preparation for competitions.  
Two groups have already completed the courses and in the coming days more students will be participating in the workshops.