Get your boots on!

The programme of routes will be published soon

1 march 2023
Walking has long been considered an activity that is more than simply exercise, and these days is combined with cultural expansion, learning about the environs, civic education, and often leading to new friendships. 
The calendar of walking routes with the Adeje council’s department of citizen participation has just been announced. The ‘Ponte las botas’ (get your boots on) project works to meet all the above goals, is part of the programme of sustainable activities of the council, and works to promote health and wellbeing, community care and interest in local eco-systems.
The programme offers a series of walking routes through natural and protected parts of Tenerife and sometimes beyond to other islands, celebrated over the coming months, generally on Saturdays. Activities are often in conjunction with bus transfers to the start of the route, with walkers accompanied by professionals, specialists in adventure/walking tourism. 
More information, in Spanish, below. Registration for each walk is essential and registration details of the routes will be published in advance of each walk.