The ‘Educar en Familia’ programme is resuming, working to help families in the borough

The first session will be on Thursday March 9th and deals with tolerance and frustration within the family unit

22 february 2023
The Adeje department of education, under Councillor María Clavijo Maza, and the regional department or education, are returning with a series of talks for families, designed to promote better communication in the family and the community.  As in previous years participants will receive certificates at the end of the sessions.
During March four sessions have been scheduled, all taking place in the citizen participation centre, all at 6pm and you will need to register in advance, on the Adeje education page: 
The first session on March 9th will examine how to practise tolerance and deal with frustration, and the talk leader is Lidia E Remón, a professor in psycho-pedagogy.  The link for the course is here:
The second session is on March 16th, with the same course leader, and will concentrate on suicide prevention.  On March 23rd David Hernández González will talk about emotional education for the whole family, and on March 30th Jennifer D Castrillo will lead the talk on cultivating self-care and promoting mental health.