The Adeje ‘Laboratorio Municipal’ wants to know what you think!

The main work of the lab is to guarantee the quality of the water supply in the borough

16 february 2023
The Adeje municipal laboratory is running a questionnaire to find out what the level of satisfaction for their work is among the Adeje public regarding the main focus of the lab, which is working to guarantee the quality of the municipal water supply, both for human consumption as well as for washing and bathing, and to ensure that any levels of bacteria etc. never represent a threat to public health. 
The laboratory is under the control of the Adeje department of health, under councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, and was established in 2008 by the department to meet the public health needs of the borough.  The activities of the laboratory include control and vigilance of bathing water, assuring the quality of water throughout the borough, control and vigilance of any appearance of Legionellosis in municipal installations and control of public pools in municipal centres. 
“The quality of the water supply in Adeje has improved considerably in the last ten years as we have been investing money into public water treatments, bringing together programmes of development and health vigilance regarding drinking water supply”, commented the councillor for health.  She explained that the questionnaire was to see how the public regarded the programme, were they happy with the results, and with the work the laboratory is doing. 
The laboratory has a quality certificate, UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, and is recognsied by the national ministry for health.  The water in Adeje has an ‘Excellence’ certification, (RD 1341/2007), guaranteeing healthy waters for swimmers too. 
The public consultation will be looking to establish whether the public in general are aware of the work the municipal laboratory carries out. It also will work to improve general citizen participation and also meet the sustainable development objectives. 
The link to the questionnaire, in Spanish, is here: