Registration opens for a course in Spanish sign language

The course will take place in the Adeje youth centre from February 6th to 16th

26 january 2023
The Department of youth, under Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro, is offering a course in Spanish sign language, running from February 6th to 16th, in the youth centre.
“The general aim of the course is to increase awareness and capability in Spanish sign language, which in turn allows better access and information exchange regarding free time pursuits, and in general increased inclusivity”, said the councillor.  
The classes will be run taking into consideration the level of knowledge of Spanish sign language of the students with a combination of virtual classes using the ‘moodle’ platform, videoconferences and classes. There will be corresponding activities and homework.
During the sessions there will be practical demonstrations, use of the methods, and examples on better understanding of sign language.   Students will partake in practical activities to demonstrate their understanding of what they are learning.
Anyone interested in taking part in the course can find out more information and registration details here
The project is under the ‘Nómada’ training programme which is focused on increasing integration in social and work situations for young people over 14 years of age, including individual attention where and when required.  This programme consolidates participation in in the labour market, increased autonomy and encourages continuing with training to increase the young person’s skill-set and job prospects too.