Students give thumbs up to the Adeje sporting calendar

The post-pandemic schedule saw 54 different sports events throughout the year

22 december 2022


Students who have been taking part in Adeje-organised sporting activities throughout the year have given the calendar a 'thumbs up' through a questionnaire.  For the councillor with responsibility for sport, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, “the leisure-time campaign in Adeje continues to be one of the keystones of the area, shown by the high levels of participation and approval”.  The figures show that up to 2,000 people registered to take part at least one of the sporting activities on offer during the year, overseen by 94 sporting professionals.  “We mustn’t forget that sport is one of the government strategies in the promotion of healthy lifestyles in Adeje as well as part of our project to promote human development  and values such as responsibility, strength and working in teams among others”, said the councillor.

2022 saw a return to full sporting and leisure activities following the pandemic, with events of all kinds taking place throughout the year, with 54 different headline acts on the calendar.  September and October were two of the busiest months, “with many of the events held here also carrying national and international weight, and bringing economic benefits to the borough, adding value to the Costa Adeje name”, added Adolfo Alonso.
As well as the 2,000 individuals registered for activities, the department  indicated there were over 3,000 who have taken part in club activities and many more who use gyms and sporting centres throughout the year,  “all in all we are talking about over 10,000 people practising some kind of sport in Adeje in 2022”.
The results of a questionnaire among those registered with a sport in Adeje showed a positive evaluation of 80% at the highest level for sports monitors, and 90% level of satisfaction with the installations.  The overall sporting offer from the council (times, management, communication, professionalism, etc.,) received a rating of almost 90%.
For the councillor, “This data recognises the work in the field done by our teams, above all those working with children in the borough who represent 95% of those registered with a sport.  And that includes the fact that often these are not just participants from Adeje but families from bordering boroughs such as Arona, Guía de Isora, Santiago del Teide and others”. 
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