Registration is open for ‘mi abuelo solidario’ (my caring grandparent)

The initiative began in 2016 and the idea is to help Their Majesties The Three Kings in making sure all children in Adeje get presents over the festive season

23 november 2022
‘Mi abuelo solidario’ (my caring grandparent) project returns to Adeje this year, a way of helping The Three Kings ensure that all the children of the borough receive gifts on that special day.  The campaign is run by the departments of social welfare, and senior citizens, in conjunction with Cáritas (a charity organisation) and other senior citizen organisations in Adeje, and has been operating annually for six years, continuing to keep the illusion of this special season alive.
“The idea was born in 2016 precisely to help those families who might be struggling due to financial circumstances, and would be worried that on that special night of the year for children, King’s Eve, January 5th, their children’s dreams might not come true”, said the councillor for senior citizens, Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro.
Anyone who wishes to take part in the project will be asked to donate €20, or the donation can come from a group of friends, and the money is registered in the Adeje department of seniors which is in the Adeje Cultural Centre.  You have until the first few days of January to make a donation.
“We know that there are many families currently suffering from economic deprivation and complications, and all and every help for the Kings, to make sure that no child in Adeje is overlooked, is really important”, the councillor added.  “It is exactly at times like this that we have to find our humanity, our caring side, for the children, children who have recently lived through so much, the pandemic, quarantine, crisis, conflicts – they all more than deserve to have something special this Christmas season”. 
The children of families who may be suffering economically can write a letter to the Three Kings and they will be collected by the special Social Services personnel who are allowed act as pages to Their Majesties at this time of year. The letters are all read and the Kings then use their helpers to find what is required. The children are simply asked to write a card or send a drawing to these ‘caring anonymous grandparents’ as a thank-you.