Costa Adeje is “in love” with the sculpture in the Calle Unterhaching , ‘Amor’

The work, designer by Canarian Alejandro Tosco, is to raise social awareness of the importance of social and peaceful harmony and respect between people

27 october 2022
Calle Unterhaching in Costa Adeje is home to a new sculpture, called ‘Amor’, a creation of Canarian artist Alejandro Tosco.   The piece has been donated to Costa Adeje by a Ukrainian resident and businessperson who lives in Adeje, and wanted to show gratitude for the hospitality shown to the Ukrainian community by the people of Adeje over many years.  The piece, now a part of the cultural heritage of Costa Adeje, was begun by Tosco before the war in Ukraine began, and he says the theme is now more relevant than ever. 
Adeje mayor, Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said the sculpture was “a symbol for this borough, a borough which promotes integration, unity and peace”.  He said that Adeje was somewhere that wants to continue to be a space for “peace, togetherness, tolerance, and love which means commitment and respect.  Furthermore this sculpture has to be a rejection of violence and a gesture of solidarity with the people of Ukraine who have suffered the worst of the worst, this war”.
Rodríguez Fraga underlined the fact that “Adeje and Costa Adeje are known as meeting places, where people look to the future, and we offer this gesture of solidarity to the people of Ukraine”. 
Vladyslav Pozdnyakov, representing the Ukrainian business person, said, “the sculpture is an important symbol, love is respect for everything; love helped us so much when we arrived here, you received us with open arms and over the years have allowed us to live in peace. “
Sculptor Alejandro Tosco said,   “The work sends a message of universal love to all in the world, a world that is more digitized daily, isolating us in our individual bubbles.”
The sculpture is red, representing love with green circle representing oxygen and hope.  The piece is made from Corten steel and is 3.5 metres high.  There is an endearing addition – under the sculpture is a box full of messages from people of all ages in Adeje, buried here for posterity.