Adeje recognises talented youth

Adeje council has listed a number of young people from the borough who have distinguished themselves in sport, literature, volunteer work, creative arts, etc.

23 august 2022

The Adeje department of youth has named a number of young people from the borough as deserving of special mention for their work in a number of disciplines, including literature, painting, sport, volunteerism, etc. Councillors Daniel Melo Rodríguez and Maikel Álvarez Morales presented awards to them in a ceremony held recently in the youth centre, a space where the borough’s young people have priority, where they can explore their ideas, where they can find new avenues to explore.

Many of these young people have been active during the year, taking part in the Radio Sur Adeje Generación Z programme to talk about their ambitions, what drives them, how they plan to advance, all in a year marked by the European Union as a year dedicated to young people.

Marta y Sara Darias for their volunteer work in Poland working with individuals with special needs
Laura Muñoz, for her work as a volunteer in Guinea-Bisáu.
Victoria Ballesteros who is currently studying in the USA and is an environmental activist.
Cindy López who is a Judoka, and for using the sport of Judo as a tool for social integration
Javi Alonso, currently a member of CD Tenerife.
Katrina Bellatrix Díaz, boxer, Spanish Club champion in 2017
Alba Márquez, artistic skating, Canarian champion
Jonay Ledesma, author of “La cascada de los siete colores”.
Israel Oliva, dancer, cultural activist
Aída Díaz artistic designer
Yuhui Ni Xia, academic excellence:
Javi Martínez, photographer, film maker, working in the area of mental health
There was also recognition of those who have worked in the art zone with 7 exhibitions mounted so far - Javier Martínez, Juan Diego Cañas Ospina, Triz de León, María Díaz Trujillo, Rebeca Medina and Ana Pérez.