PFAE-GJ BIT A BIT: An opportunity for younger people in Adeje to train in IT

15 people will take the course and receive professional certification when complete

22 august 2022

Adeje’s department of employment and job creation works with the Canarian Employment service to create training courses for a wide section of the community, and to that end there are always a range of courses under the PFAE model (alternative employment training programmes) aimed specifically at those who may be unemployed and without training of any formal or professional kind. The courses generally are between 9 and 11 months in duration with both class work and professional practical training.

There are currently four PFAE programmes running, PFAE-GJ Bit a Bit, PFAE A la Carta, PFAE-GJ Pleamar y PFAE Higieniza.

The PFAE-GJ Bit a Bit course is designed to help up to 15 young people in Adeje find work in the IT industry. When qualified many of these students may find work within the council offices, working to improve the technology installations in municipal buildings and institutions. Graduates will be awarded two professional certificates, Sistemas Microinformáticos (IFCT0209) and Operación de Sistemas Informáticos (IFCT0210) and be working in the following council areas:

• Adeje Municipal Library.
• Canarian Library.
• Study zone Centro Cultural de Adeje.
• Fañabé Library.
• Armeñime. Library
• Adeje Town Hall.
• Fañabé Police offices.
• Las Torres Police offices
• Adeje School of Music and Dance (EMMA).
• Adeje School for Citizen Participation (ESIADE).
• Centre for Tourism Development Adeje (CDTCA).
• Cultural Centre Adeje.
• Cultural Centre Armeñime.
• Cultural Centre Callao Salvaje.
• Cultural Centre Fañabé.
• Cultural Centre La Postura.
• Cultural Centre Los Menores.
• Centro Cultural de Miraverde.
• Cultural Centre Taucho.
• Cultural Centre Tijoco Alto.
• Centro Cultural de Tijoco La Hoya.
• Cultural -Social Centre de La Caleta