Adeje council will work in partnership with the Piñeiro group

The aim is to create job prospects for those currently seeking work who meet the requirements of the Bahía Príncipe Hotels & Resorts chain

16 august 2022
The Adeje councillor for economic development and employment, Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, and Ithaisa Díaz, human resources director for the the Canarian Piñeiro group, have signed an agreement created to benefit unemployed individuals who are registered as jobs seekers in Adeje. 
The agreement will oversee the process of personnel selection to fill vacancies that arise in the Cadena Bahía Príncipe Hotels & Resorts chain in Tenerife.  The agreement will last for a year, with the option of extending it for a further three years in the future, and is part of the larger planning to recover the levels of tourism enjoyed pre-pandemic. 
The data base created by the Adeje Department of employment is principally for the borough, and has become a much used resource for individuals and businesses in Adeje and beyond.
The agreement signed with the Piñeiro group will see different initiatives undertaken by both bodies, collaborative private and public projects, to benefit those seeking work in Adeje and the companies that form part of the group.