8,046 used the Adeje libraries during the first half of the year

On average there were 1,341 monthly visitors

10 august 2022
In the first six months of 2022 there were 8,046 registered users of the Adeje public libraries, a monthly average of 1.342.  80% of the library visitors were adults, 20%.  The libraries section is part of the Adeje department of culture and education, under Councillor María Clavijo Maza.
There were almost 17,000 requests for materials from the library in this period, 35% relating to children’s and young people’s literature, 22% were for reference and science materials and the rest were regarding study material. 3,546 individuals also used the allocated spaced in libraries for studying.
There have been additions to the library stacks, with 637 new acquisitions, 42% of these are for the general readership, 33% for infants and small children, 12% are of Canarian interest and the remainder are in the media section. 
There were 6,300 items borrowed during the first half of the year, with children and young people’s books and comics heading up the list of most requested new items.
The most requested adult titles were
La Bestia / Carmen Mola
La puerta de los tres cerrojos / Sonia Fernández - Vidal
A fuego lento / Paula Hawkins