Students from the PFAE HIGIENíZATE course are working on cleaning the water containers in different parts of the borough

‘Higienizate’ is a professional training course taking 15 people off the unemployment register in Adeje

5 august 2022
 The 15 people taking part in the  (PFAE) HIGIENíZATE training programme in Adeje are being supervised by professionals from water company Aqualia - Entemanser, the company charged with the management of services here in the borough of Adeje, including the maintenance of water containers in different zones of the town and surrounds. 
The initiative is part of the work that the students/workers have to undertake if they are to complete training and receive a certificate which will allow them work in industrial installations and open spaces.  “One of the fundamental aims of the project is the education and training students are receiving through carrying out these services, meaning they can subsequently enter the workplace with the knowledge they need to carry out this kind of work”, commented the Adeje councillor, Raquel Rodríguez Alonso.
For his part, Pedro A. Gómez, head of production at Aqualia - Entemanser en West Tenerife says that he is delighted at the standard of training that students are receiving in this area of work.
The HIGIENÍZATE employment training programme involves 15 students who are from Adeje and currently unemployed, and are over 30 years of age.  They have been given a work training contract, and will receive a professional certificate when the course is complete.  The training involves co-operation with the companies involved directly in the management of water works in Adeje, among those Entemanser. 
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