Meeting places!

The Adeje Cultural Centre has created two new ’spaces’, a Bookcrossing zone and a TikTok Corner, open to the public to enjoy and use

2 august 2022
The Department of Culture and Education, under María Clavijo Maza, worked to create two new spaces which are designed to encourage more interaction between people. The spaces are a Bookcrossing zone and a TikTok Corner where people can record short videos for upload.
BookCrossing or BC is about leaving a book in a public place, so that someone else can pick it up and read it, then leave it again for yet another person. In an ideal situation, it would mean that the book, once brought into the bookcrossing movement, can travel for years, changing owners around the world and spreading love for reading. It’s about bringing millions of books and people into the crossing zone. 
Bookcrossing  is a global book club, with no temporal limits or geographical frontiers. The world becomes a library, free for all, and now there is a BC point on the first floor of the Adeje Cultural Centre. You can go into the web and register and look for your nearest point, find reviews, find rankings, etc. 
TikTok Corner is a space on the ground floor of the cultural centre where you can record videos for social media,  Use is completely free and open to the public.  The space was opened during the Summer University in July of this year.  
Department of Communications