Grassroots sport as a tool for value education

The Adeje Summer Universityvalues a professional sports sector working with children and families

22 july 2022
The 29th edition of the Adeje Summer University of Adeje held a sports workshop - "The base sport as a tool of education in values", directed by Pablo Caneiro González, from the Adeje department of sports.  In Adeje over 1,500 people are currently registered as participating in sports of some kind. 
The workshop was aimed at professionals in the sports sector who work with children and families. Throughout the day, the tools for the improvement of professional and curricular capacities were discussed
The main aim is "to highlight the importance of sports practice at the base, that is, the importance of teaching children that to play is what’s important, not the score line”,  said Caneiro Gonzalez, who also stressed that "people who teach a sport have to be professionals and must educate from the professionalism that encompasses sports values".
Sport as a tool 
Throughout the workshop, sports personalities with extensive experience participated, including Xisela Aranda Núñez with a degree in Business Administration and Management, captain of CD Tenerife women's football and ambassador of the SUZUKY brand in the Canary Islands, who defended the importance of the integral training of professionals who are examples to those they teach and train in both skills and attitude and behavior.
Jennifer Davinia Castrillo Felipe with a degree in Psychology from the University of La Laguna, Master in Cognitive Neuroscience and specific educational support needs, and qualified in clinical child and adolescent psychology, stressed the importance of sport as a tool for mediation and socialisation through positive reinforcement and the ability of the professional to empathise with the student, extracting the best from each one at all times.
José Faustino Afonso, with a degree in medicine from the ULL and currently pursuing a PhD in health management in Health Management is a Paralympic athlete in  swimming. He spoke of the relevance of adapted sport as a tool for social inclusion, as well as the empowerment of people through sports practice and socialisation.
Jorge Alonso, a graduate of sports sciences from the ULPGC  and a personal trainer, and also working in the field of sports injuries, explained how sport is necessary to improve quality of life.  He cited Norway as an example, where the integration of children into sporting activities is viewed as something motivating and is positively reinforced. What must always prevail, he stressed, is to have fun, competition should not be the reason or the main axis of the sport, it must be the taking part itself.