First training course in maritime security is completed successfully

The 10 people who complete the course will be able to work in commercial fleets

19 july 2022
Adeje council in conjunction with the Tenerife coastal action group, have designed a training course in maritime security under the ‘Maresía’ umbrella, with funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, an initiative of the regional department of farming and fisheries.
The training allows students work towards a certificate which will allow them work on commercial vessels such as ferries, cruise ships, tourist excursion boats, etc.  The training has been divided into 4 blocks with an overall duration of 122 hours; basic security training, protection training, crew training and working on rescue boats. 
Students recently completed the first training block and have received the relevant certificates. According to the councillor for economic development Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, “this training in the maritime area is really important, in particular in tourist destinations such as Adeje”.
During the first block of training on maritime security students learnt all about the security equipment carried on boats and how to use it in the case of any number of emergencies.  They were also taught how to deal with a number of potential health emergencies that could arise at sea, which they would have to deal with as crew members, and were also drilled in how to act in the case of an emergency requiring evacuation of a vessel. 
Following theoretical classes the students spent two days at the Los Abrigos pier undertaking practical exercises in life jackets, survival suits, using life rafts, etc., learning how to behave in the water, follow basic instructions in the case of a shipwreck to guarantee the survival of those on board.
The team also learnt how to act in the case of a fire on board in terms of fighting the fire and helping passengers.  For this section the students spent time in the Adeje volunteer fire brigade station.
From September the next training block will begin. For more information and registration details: