Adeje is part of a new recycling campaign

The aim is to encourage more people to separate their rubbish more often and place it in the appropriate large yellow, blue and green containers

22 june 2022
Adeje council and the Canarian environment association is launching a campaign aimed at the resident population in the borough. Financed by ECOEMBES it is designed to encourage more people to separate their rubbish and place it in the appropriate recycling bins.
According to the councillor for municipal services, Esther Rivero Vargas, “it is important that people have access to all the information they need to properly separate and recycle their rubbish, that can then be transformed into other products as part of the circular economy using primary materials, thus we are all working to diminish environmental contamination and our carbon footprints”.
The campaign is working to help people decide which rubbish goes into which container – blue for paper and cardboard, yellow for plastic and green for glass.  In parallel the team will work to increase awareness of the importance for the borough of correctly separating and recycling our waste products.
Teams will be making travelling around the borough with the relevant information talking to the public, setting up information tables in the more populated areas of Adeje where people can stop and ask any questions they may have. There will also be information for younger Adeje residents, pamphlets, mini-containers, etc. People will also be able to find out how the ‘Punto Limpio’, located on the road from Armeñime to the La Atalaya roundabout, works and how they can make use of it.
The campaign begins this month and will be on the road, specifically in La Caleta this week (until June 24th), and then move to Costa Adeje and Las Americas.
The benefits of recycling
 Recycling primary materials contribute to saving energy and reducing harmful gas emissions. Furthermore it creates jobs.  Recycling reduces the amount of waste in the environment, transforming products into other thing, extending the life of the material and helping preserve the natural resources of the planet. 
Plastic drinking bottles
Shampoo, conditioner, washing up liquid bottles, etc.
Plastic bottle tops
Plastic bags (except rubbish bags)
Yogurt containers and tops
Juice and milk containers
Cereal boxes
Shoe boxes
Wrapping paper
Glass bottles
Perfume bottles
Glass jars