Desiree Viera and Iván Pérez Saavedra are crowned Adeje’s top sporting stars for 2021

The council also honoured people for overcoming challenges, sporting companies and bodies linked to local sports

21 june 2022
Last Friday, June 17th, the GF Victoria Hotel hosted the VII Adeje Sports Gala of the year, an event staged annually to honour the borough’s top sporting women and men.  “We have returned to celebrate this event following a two year pause and we are going to do it in style”, said the Adeje sports Councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera.
This year Desiree Viera (Rhythmic Gymnastics) was named best female sports star for 2021, a year in which she won gold at Euskalgym, the Spanish championship for teams and individual apparatus.  Viera is a member of the Spanish team and is Canarian champion, holding a range of titles proving she is one of the country’s future starts in this sporting arena. “For Adeje it is an honour to be able to award this title to Viera, a young woman who began in the Adeje municipal school and is now looking to a future without limits”, said the councillor.
Iván Pérez Saavedra was awarded the title of best male sports star for 2021, and is currently the Spanish squash champion, and is 87th in the world.  According to  Ferrera “in Adeje we are committed to supporting all sports”.
One of the other important prizes of the evening was awarded to Francisco (Fran) Linares, who was honoured for his resilience.  Fran has worked as a sports photographer but in recent times has been battling cancer.  Through messages on his social media has been hailed as a beacon of positivity and resilience in his battles, inspiring many others. 
The Clean Sport prize (Juego Limpio) went to the official school of referees in the borough who have been outstanding in all official events, doing their job on the pitch as well as demonstrating to young athletes and players the importance of rules, patience, and fair play in all sports. 
Margarita Herrera Rodríguez was named as oldest participant in sports in the borough, and María Avero Rodríguez, at just 3 years old, the youngest. 
During the gala event companies who have been supportive of the sporting side of life in Adeje were thanked publicly, for assisting in offering quality infrastructures, training professionals, and helping athletes at all levels.  Among the companies thanked were Activate Sports Club, Nexport Club Adeje, Tenerife Top Training, Red Gym, Duque Gym, Evolution Pro Fitnes, Full Fitness, Club Náutico Puerto Colón, and Bee Movement 
Fabricio Venturino was presented with a special ‘Sporting Gesture’ award.  The Adeje resident who is Italian/Swiss, undertook a mammoth cycle from Adeje to Lumino in Switzerland to raise funds for the local autism association. He left the Plaza España on April 10th this year and arrived to a hero’s welcome to Lumino on May 23rd.
Sixto Jimenez Galán was awarded the prize for his sporting career.  Born in Huelva 60 years ago, has attended 5 Olympic games and is currently a selector for the national beach volleyball team.   CD Tenerife received an honorary award celebrating 100 years since their foundation.  In fact Adeje was the first borough to sign an agreement with the club years ago to strengthen the youth base of the club, who play at national level. 
The solidarity title was awarded to a number of local collective, Policía Local, Adeje voluntary fire-fighters, the health workers from the Adeje centres, the municipal cleaning company Limpiezas Dominguez and the rubbish collection service operated by UTE Adeje Ascan Torrabonaf,  who work tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of everyone, in particular during the pandemic.
There were also prizes for sports monitors in Adeje for their commitment and loyalty – Miguel Castillo (Karate), Juan Carlos Mohino (Judo), Rubén Oswaldo (Yoga) and Fernando Díaz Martínez (Tennis).