Entemanser and Adeje council have intstalled a water dispenser in El Galeón

The water is 100% drinkable and will help reduce plastic bottle waste

4 june 2022

Entemanser, the company in charge of water management in Adeje, and Adeje council, have installed a drinking water dispenser in the public park in El Galeón. This is part of a move towards a more sustainable borough and, it is planned and hoped, lead to a reduction in plastic bottle use.

People will be able to use the dispenser ro refill their drinking bottles while they are walking or practising sport in the area. 

According the the Adeje councillor for municipal services, Esther Rivero Vargas, who joined the Entemanser local manger Pedro Antonio Gómez Ayala, this installation "will encourage responsible use of our resources which is up to each and every one of us.  This dispenser is a part of a pilot programme and if it works as we hope it will it will be part of a wider campaign",  regarding desalinated water consumption in the borough. 

Desalinated water is widely used in Adeje and comes from the desalination plant in La Caleta, which process 12 million litres of water a day.