Adeje is part of the Spanish Cancer Association fund-raising drive

All monies raised go towards oncological investigation and research

12 may 2022
The Spanish Cancer Association – AECC – have launched a new social movement today nationally to continue to fight for cancer survival.  They are encouraging everyone to ‘battle under their ribbon’.
This morning the association had an information table on the steps of Adeje Town Hall and were present in all parts of Spain collecting money for oncology research and investigation, as they do on the second Thursday of May every year. This is, they say, an opportunity for everyone to support the fight against cancers.  
The AECC has a range of personnel nationally, including volunteers, medical staff, psychologists, social workers, etc., all working to help increase post-cancer survival rates.  Overall the association has over 1,000 investigators and 525 projects investigating different aspects of cancer.
According to Adeje’s health councillor, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, “collaborating with this association is really important and essential, in particular where we can help someone undergoing oncological treatment”.  She added that the work of this and other associations was vital in the on-going research into all forms of cancer. 
The AECC, working with Adeje in the borough, offers a specialised service to attend to people who need psychological, social or physical assistance as a result of cancer if those needs are not being met by the public health system.  
According to their statistics, and through work in investigation and research, the survival rates of those who have had cancer are rising steadily, 7.6% since 2016. The current goal is to achieve a 70% survival rate by 2030.  One of the keys is to correct the inequalities in access to advance care and investigation, and that all cancers are investigated thoroughly.