The Adeje Book Fair invites you to rediscover the world of words

Poetry, screen writing, writing in groups and life experiences will lead the Foreign Language Authors event on April 18th

12 april 2022
Under the general theme, ‘Books are magic, mysteries and adventures’ the XIX Adeje book fair will, again, return to the public domain to remind the public of the value of the written word, through stories real and imagined, in the universe of books.  “This year the book fair is taking place in different parts of the borough and we hope to continue to encourage the interest in reading and writing, in public and private spaces, underling the educative and cultural importance of reading”, says cultural councillor Maria Clavijo Maza. 
To take part in workshops and talks everyone will have to register online,, where you will also find the full programme of events taking place.  For many non-Spanish residents the highlight is the Foreign Authors seminar, but there will also be exhibitions, book signings, art, poetry, documentaries, etc. 
This year the Foreign Language Author Event, titled ‘Joined up writing in a disjointed world’ is on Monday April 18th at 6pm in the San Francisco Convento on the Calle Grande beside the Town Hall and the Plaza España.  With poetry, film clips from books written by Tenerife based authors, interventions from Joe Cawley and Gemma Metcalfe co-writing and Lisa Holmes on her new book, it should be fun and fascinating.  (
Javier Sierra, the 2017 winner of the Planeta de Novela, will be speaking in the Convento on April 22nd.  There will be an exhibition on the ‘Canary Islands, Myth and Legends to be discovered’ discussing 8 myths that form part of the islands’’ cultural heritage.  Primary schools in the borough will also be treated to adventure story telling during the week. 
Other events during the week include the annual Ricardo Müller poetry evening, a discussion on ‘the human library’, readings and performances in the school of music, and an in-depth dive into the folklore of the islands.   The full programme of events is online here,