Adeje’s promoting innovation for companies and individuals

During March there are two training programmes for innovation in business and on-line communication

16 march 2022
Adeje’s department of economic development and job creation, under Councillor Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, are running two training programmes during March aimed at businesses and individual entrepreneurs.  Both courses are designed to help in improving sales and client care and service.
The councillor said that while these were the first courses of this kind the department has a range of training tools and courses which will be rolled out during the year.
The first course is on digital transformation.  This is a three day on-line course taking place this week, where the basic concepts of innovation are discussed, its relevance to existing businesses, analysing how creative ideas can improve processes in the workplace, and encourage new and different ways of working which can be more productive. 
The second course is on March 29th and 31st, and is for businesses and the self-employed, and is an initiation in blogging.  The course is designed to help those in businesses to connect with their clients, to learn to create a free blog, how to use Google Blogger, the practicalities, and how it assists small businesses in marketing and promotional strategies.
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