‘Adeje Recuperación’ will help train new workers and redecorate old homes

This is a joint initiative between Adeje and the Cruz Roja (Red Cross)

3 august 2021
 A new joint covenant between the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) and Adeje’s department of employment will see a number of Adeje residents receive new skills while also renovating some buildings in the borough.  The workers will be taken off the unemployment register, and will be individuals who are considered at particular risk of social or labour exclusion.  The project is titled ‘Adeje Recuperación’ or Adeje recovery.
The overall aim of the project is to help those most in need of new work-based skills, giving them new employment possibilities.  As well as learning new skills, they will, commented Councillor Raquel Rodríguez, “be relearning how to integrate into the labour market and break down past barriers they may have come up against looking for work.”
The labour team will be helping redecorate and renovate homes of individuals who are also financially struggling. Those people will also, as part of the project, be given energy saving kits which are designed to help them reduce their home energy bills and learn better energy-saving and environmental practises.
The project will see 12 people working in construction, 9 will be working as regular labourers, with 3 maintenance officials, alongside a technical team.  They will be contracted for 6 months, working 30 hours a week.   The labouring staff will receive training, theory and practical, on building refurbishment and renovation.  
The Cruz Roja will be in charge of selecting the team and will consult with the Adeje social services department when deciding which buildings will be refurbished, with the order of priority decided by the Cruz Roja.
Prevent marginalisation and instability among those seeking work; favour those at risk of social exclusion and assist them in garnering the tools they need to improve their chance to find full-time work. The project also works to reintegrate individuals into the labour market and seek a better professional future.