Adeje is working with ASAOYE to offer specialised training

One of the country’s top vocal teachers, Mamen Márquez, has been giving master classes to those working in the Adeje tourism sector

29 july 2021
The Adeje council’s department of tourism, under Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, has successfully applied for a grant from the AYAOYE, the Canarian association of entertainers, which is being used to fund specialised training and classes for those working in the sector.
Recently over 20 local singers who work in Costa Adeje hotels and restaurants were given a master class by Mamen Márquez, one of the country’s top voice trainers. According to the councillor, “our commitment to the workers in this sector covers all areas, and ever more so during this pandemic and time of economic paralysis.”
The class, held recently, introduced Estill Voice Training, worked on voice control dealing with the variety of vocal qualities.  During the workshop Márquez worked with each singer on how they were using the vocal potential and also addressed the important of vocal health.