Jorge Sanz: “Canarians are great people – this is a great place to visit”

The well-know Spanish actor was in Adeje taking part in a cinema workshop organised by the ULL cultural section

23 july 2021
Spanish actor and screen-writer Jorge Sanz was the guest at today’s workshop, part of the Adeje Summer University, in conjunction with the University of La Laguna Cultural Section.   The workshop was organised by the ULL’s Fernando de Iturrate and Ramón González.  Participants watched the film “Amantes” followed by Sanz’s personal experiences, and he also took questions from the audience. ´
 “The Canarias has so much potential, vibrant scenarios, it’s a fantastic natural paradise where the film possibilities are enormous –you could be in Mars or Costa Rica”, Sanz told the audience. “The Canarians are great people, it’s a great place to visit”.   The actor said that the industry needs young people to keep it vibrant, from camera operators to television directors, actors, “young people are needed to make cinema work”. He added that he hoped the fiscal advantages the islands enjoyed for film makers wouldn’t change. 
Cinema was a hugely important tool, said the actor, as people need entertainment.  During the pandemic people had rediscovered cinema, people who made us laugh a little bit, “that’s really important”:  He did say though that the film making industry had been hugely impacted by the pandemic.  He finished by commenting that he was looking forward to the day when politics stopped being the central axis of our day to day lives in Spain.