Trumpet fish on the shores

The sighting of many of these tiny fish on the shore line is due to natural causes

16 july 2021

Regarding the appearance of tiny silver trumpet fish, dead and floating in numbers along the coast of some our beaches, the council have confirmed that these trumpet fish live normally much further out to sea, at about 600 metres depth.  They move in great numbers, and can be disorientated by currents, and when they find themselves too close to the surface may often, sadly, perish at these depths.   

The appearence of these fish close to the shore is also likely to have been the result of a hunt by their natural predators (tuna) or changes in currents.  In other words this is the result of natural causes. 

The quality of the waters of Costa Adeje are clear and clean, according to the latest of the regular analysis  carried out weekly - more details on these tests are on the Adeje health pages online.