Vicky Gómez: “The work of a choreographer is, through dance, to connect and transmit the power of the music and dance on a stage

The Urban Dance workshop is showing participants the basic moves and techniques and working on a presentation

13 july 2021
Vicky Gómez, a dancer and professional choreographer, is currently running an Urban Dance workshop in Adeje as part of the Summer University programme, in the Adeje School of music and dance (EMMA).  The workshop is from yesterday, Monday July 12th, until Wednesday, July 14th.
“Bringing urban dance to young people means bringing them on stage, teaching them basic moves and how to connect with music through movement”, remarked the dancer after the first day of the three day event.    The goal of the workshop is to introduce the participants to this style of dance, and over the three day workshop they are learning technique and will present a final performance together on the last day of the programme. 
Co-ordination, strength, flexibility, team-work, musicality, bodily expression, discipline – these are the basic components of urban dance that the young dancers (infants and young teens) are learning.
“Urban dance, like other dance disciplines, works on co-ordination, elasticity, body movement….we can say so much about ourselves, about who we are, but first we have to get rid of the filters who have programmed into our brains, because urban dance is about connecting and doing that with the kind of music young people are actually creating today”, said Gómez.
Dance, music, the public
“When we put a singer and dancers together on a stage the explosion of emotion is so much greater, the message is amplified, you can connect directly from the stage with the audience”.  The work of a choreographer is just that – to connect, through dance, and demonstrate the power of dance and music.
“Artists are looking for more and more urban dance on their stages, and this generation of dancers are able to show the power of dance and many artists are integrating this form of dance into their performances.
Vicky Gómez
From Salamanca, she stated to dance at the age of 4 and today is one of Spain’s well known choreographers, and was the trainer on Operación Triunfo 2020 (Spanish TV talent training programme).  She has studied classical dance in the Conservatory in Madrid, as well as Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Flamenco. Internationally she has studied in New York and San Francisco, in the Millennium Dance Complex and the Broadway Dance Center.
Gómez has worked with artists such as Pastora Soler, Ruth Lorenzo and Juan Magán and on a number of television programmes including La Voz, El Número Uno, My Camp Rock 2, and France’s X Factor.  In the world of theatre she has choreographed the stage version of Flashdance which was performed in the Teatro Nuevo Apolo in Madrid.