Adeje council: digital diagnostic of local SMEs

A specialised team will be visiting participating businesses to carry out the analysis aiming to boost performance through new technologies

17 may 2021
The Adeje department of economic development, under Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, is undertaking a diagnostic of the current state of digitalisation among the borough’s SMEs (small and medium enterprises). There is a specialised team currently in place, visiting participating establishments to boost use of new technologies.
“We live in a global world where use of digital tools is now becoming the norm, something we have seen particularly during the pandemic and period of quarantine. It is really important that companies adapt and take full advantage of all the new technology can offer in opening new niche markets and advance businesses prosperity and employment for the wider benefit of society”, commented the councillor.
The project uses an auto-diagnostic method meaning the company takes an active part in identifying external and internal aspects of their operations that can be altered or adapted to improve performance.
Phase one will see the team carry out a business census in the borough, geo-referencing local businesses in Adeje. Representatives from the companies will be invited to a virtual meeting to assist in the auto diagnostic, answering specific questions about their company, the organisational structure, etc.  Once completed and analysed, companies will receive a strategic plan to help boost their business and the overall health of the local economy.  
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