Adeje courses on setting up online businesses, and hostelry

Interested persons will learn the process and strategy needed to create their online presence and sell their product digitally

5 may 2021
The Adeje department of economic development, under councillor Raquel Rodriquez Alonso, is offering a series of courses designed to train individuals to create their own online business. In parallel, alongside the Santa Cruz chamber of commerce, there is a course on offer for professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry to help increase their ability to use online platforms and improve and motivate the future of the sector.  
“We are well aware of the difficulties the self-employed sector has suffered as well as our small and medium enterprises under the Covid restrictions and we want to be able to contribute to the reactivation of economic activity through training to adapt to the new economic realities. The training we are offering should strengthen the ability of local businesses to adapt to new technologies and see them as a tool for the further advancement of their companies and their commercial activities, locally and internationally”, commented the councillor. 
“Online sales has become a very interesting and important sector and during the pandemic more and more people turned to this form or commerce, even those who might have been unfamiliar with buying online in the past”, she added.

Create your business online, the A-Z
The course on creating your digital company is via a webinar titled ‘Tu empresa online de la A a la Z (Your online company from A to Z) and is, as are all courses, in Spanish. Those signed up will be learning about the processes involved, strategies, needs, tools and resources that are available to help them move ahead in this new world and become 100% digitally established. 

Hotel and restaurant sector
There are a number of courses also on offer for those in the hostelry sector, being run in May and June. 
More information on these and other courses on the Adeje webpage