New scheme training 15 new lifeguards

The trainees will be assigned to natural coastal zones

6 april 2021
15 Adeje residents have just started a new training programme under the PFAE (Alternative Training Employment Programme) which, when completed, will award them a lifeguard certificate with attention to natural zones.  The selection process was initiated through the Canarian Employment Service inviting residents under-30 registered on the Adeje ‘padrón’, registered as unemployed, having completed second level education and signed up under a national youth guarantee scheme. 
Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, councillor for economic employment and Jobs, said, “This new project, combined with those already in roll-out, means that over 250 people in Adeje are benefiting from various employment programmes in the borough, administered by the Adeje council and in collaboration with other public bodies. 
This particular employment initiative, called ‘Neptune’, will last 9 months and finish in December 2021.  It is underwritten by the Canarian Employment Service (€275,038) and Adeje Council (€3,000).  Prior to the pandemic lifeguard training programmes were one of the successes of this area and it is hoped this trend continues. 
Among the other training services offered via the PFAE are Covid security and information training, the use of floatation devices for those with mobility needs on public beaches, and police and workshop participation when needed. 
PFAE programmes combine theory and practical sessions, giving students real-life experience outside the classroom.  Students will learn how to deal with emergency prevention and control under the supervision of team professionals. They also learn work skills such as active listening and observation, empathy, negotiation and persuasion and how to verbalise and explain ideas clearly and answer questions in working to resolve potential risk situations.