Adeje’s department for seniors increases municipal services

All the activities will be following the established health protocols

3 march 2021
The Adeje council’s department for senior citizens, under councillor Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro, has resumed a number of activities for Adeje’s older residents, all under the approval of the competent health measures.  The councillor remarked, “we have extended certain face-to-face services too for our people, working to optimise the existing borough resources”.
Among the services now on offer in the senior citizens department offices are the ‘padrón’ administration, with an auxiliary office in place for the over-60s of the borough, where they can process travel certificates, and other padrón papers.  “With this initiative we are moving to make certain procedures easier for this group of people – they won’t have to queue up at the main office and we are reducing the numbers there too”, explained the councillor.
Another service that is being carried out is the issuing of an Adeje seniors card, ‘Carnet de Mayors de Adeje’, currently being modified and updated in line with new technology.  Every card now has a QR code containing the information about the card holder, meaning that in the case of an emergency the relevant services can act in a speedier and more efficient way if necessary.  Those who wish to update their existing card can do so in person in the public section of the department (basement of the Adeje Cultural Centre), Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm.
The physical exercise programmes – keep fit, therapy, folklore group, creative sewing, craft work, etc., have also started again. There are maximum numbers for each group activity – up to 15 individuals.  Recently people from Callao Salvaje and Tijoco Alto have fit/therapy classes in their villages, and soon the over-60s from Taucho will also have classes on offer locally.