Adeje invites the public to join the local participation project

‘Construimos la Participación’ (Let’s build participation) will work to build awareness and participation among all Adeje’s residents

23 february 2021
The Adeje council’s department of citizen participation, under Councillor Maria Clavijo Maza, is rolling out the participation project, ‘Construimos la Participación’ (Let’s build participation), a proposal which works to create awareness-raising activities for the public and encourage their participation in local borough life and activities.  The councillor says, “We are designing actions that should contribute to social cohesion, an elimination of discrimination and which will underline the importance of diversity, equality of opportunities, values, etc, all under the mantel of sustainable development too”.
The project relies upon local funding as well as financial support from the Tenerife Cabildo.  There will be a number of project axes:
The creation of a training centre with specialised free workshops for residents, 
Adapting the old School of Security into the neurological centre for citizen participation, renaming it the ‘Centro de Participación y Convivencia’ (Centre for participation and social harmony), 
A series of action designed to reinvigorate different Adeje neighbourhoods and create artistic spaces combining ideas and images suggested and created by the public
Creating a participation platform for the public
The enterprise is also part of the World Health Organisation sustainable development theme, in particular the links between health and well-being, and the importance of quality education, gender equality, peace, justice, and solid institutional engagement.
The first section of the project is already under way, and this Thursday, February 25th, from 6pm – 8pm a workshop on diversity as the backbone of society is taking place, given by the Algarabía Association in the newly named centre (Calle Beneharo, Las Nieves).  Attendance in person is limited to 25 (participants must be 16 +), but there is also places for 50 online participants – sign up here: (
In parallel there is a questionnaire on the council’s webpage,,  regarding the new image the Centre will have, and you are invited to take part in the final decision.  The sketches depict people of different ages and backgrounds, representing elements of community cohesion and the values multiculturalism can bring, underlining the importance of communication as the basic cement for social harmony.
The winning image will be used as the mural on the façade of the building.