Adeje visit by the Spanish Cancer Association

The visit was headed up by the association’s new regional director, Ana Belén Prado Prieto

18 february 2021
In recent days the Adeje health councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo welcomed a delegation from the Spanish Cancer Association (the A.E.C.C.). The delegation visited the department to learn more about the complete range of services on offer in Adeje for cancer patients, and to introduce the newly appointment regional director of the association, Ana Belén Prado Prieto.
During the meeting councillor Trujillo Bencomo noted that the council is always very active in celebrating cancer events, including World Cancer Day (Feb 4th) “with the objectives of raising awareness, prevention and control of the illness”.
The councillor also underlined the important work being carried out by the A.E.C.C., in collaboration with the Adeje council, in rolling out a service for oncology patients in Adeje and the rest of the south of Tenerife.  The service works to care for the psychological, social and physical needs of those with cancer and who are not currently receiving care from public health.   During last year they were involved in 71 cases of psychological intervention, 70 social interventions and they assisted in providing physiotherapy for 33 individuals, all Adeje residents.  The association also assisted in resolving financial difficulties for a number of people.
Another initiative that has the full backing of the Adeje council is the free transport service for those oncology patients who need to be brought from the south of the island to the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria hospital for treatments. 
The Walk for Life foundation, a solidarity initiative, is also supported by the council, and has two principal objectives – fund raising for investigative and cure-based projects, in particular breast cancer, and the development of different programmes designed to improve the quality of life of those undergoing breast cancer treatments.
Among the projects created by the Walk for Life foundation with Adeje council assistance are the Pink Room, Swim for Life, the BRA project (ensuring that women who need a special bra following a mastectomy can access one at no extra cost), and fundamentally the Walk for Life itself, a solidarity event that has seen thousands walk together to raise funds.
Present at the event too were Andrés Orozco Muñoz, the regional president of the A.E.C.C., Inés Grillo, president of the southern regional branch of the A.E.C.C. and Brigitte Gypen, president of the Walk for Life Foundation.