“Reactiva Adeje 2020” - a firm commitment to local businesses

With this initiative the council is working with the local commercial businesses and professionals to contribute to the recovery of the local economy

4 september 2020
The Adeje department of Local Development, under Councillor Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, in partnership with the AECPA, association of local commercial businesses and professionals, headed up by Jordi Esplugas, have organised an important campaign to contribute to the recovery of the local economy.  The aim of the campaign is to encourage commercial activity in the borough through a series of actions that will incentivise buying locally.  
“The idea had come from the need to alleviate the economic crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused, and mitigate at least some of the negative effects that have damaged the commercial sector”, said the councillor.
Any company based in Adeje that is open to the public, with access directly from the street, and who is registered with the IAE (Impuesto de Activades Económicas) can take part.  Reactivate Adeje 2020 will begin on September 15th and run until the end of October 2020, in the establishments taking part.  

To take part you should fill out the form available in the www.adeje.es page, Hoja de Inscripción (Anexo I), and you will also find the other requirements for participation there too in Anexo II, and other documents to be signed/sent.  When completed send the documentation required to empresas@adeje.es before September 10th.
Prizes for clients
Participating clients can win a variety of prizes, with 500 valued at €10, 10 prizes to the value of €100, all with their receipts from participating businesses. They could also win one of 100 double tickets for Aqualand, 20 bluetooth loudspeakers, and two €500 prizes.  There will also be one Smartwatch to be won, through a raffle through the El Puntasso app, and with scratch cards that will also be part of the promotion. The raffle will be held on November 1st 2020 with the winner notified in person.