Over 200 consumer complaints during Covid period

The Adeje consumers office, OMIC, reminds people to always ask for a receipt and/or contract for services

4 august 2020
The Adeje Consumers Office, the OMIC, under councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, is reminding the public of the importance of always making sure you have receipts for goods purchased particularly during this Covid-19 time, if you are booking trips and have to deal with unavoidable changes.
“We should always insist on a receipt when buying goods, but at the moment it is even more important to keep receipts and any documentation relating to the purchase in case there is a need for a cancellation or return”, explained the councillor.
During the period of confinement, the OMIC dealt with a large number of people by phone, and they are continuing to help the public, either in person in their offices or by phone. Since June 3rd the council’s office have reopened to the public, respecting all the hygienic measures necessary, and working on an appointments schedule, which can be booked online, www.adeje.es by residents of the borough. 
OMIC have dealt with almost 200 complaints, over 100 of them regarding airline companies and travel agencies.  They have also processed 26 complaints about telephone companies, and the rest were, in the main, about home appliances, mechanical services, banks and other financial institutions.
The office also dealt with questions and consultations about package holidays, school trips that had been paid for (but cancelled), private school fees, crèche fees, rental contracts, insurance claims etc.  “The work of the OMIC is also about informing the public about their rights as consumers”, said the councillor. 
During last year the office dealt with 2,626 consultations (email, in person, online, by phone), and in the 20 years since the service began here over 21,000 queries/complaints/consultations have been dealt with.