Adeje joins with the Tenerife Cabildo in banning San Juan bonfires

The decision applies to the whole borough, meaning no bonfires either in private or public spaces

20 june 2020
Adeje Council have joined with the Tenerife Cabildo in deciding to ban bonfires which would normally be lit to celebrate San Juan.  The reason is based on advice from the forestry department given weather conditions and the ongoing concern regarding health and safety conditions surrounding Covid-19 and the need to avoid overcrowding.
The decision affects the whole borough, meaning bonfires will not be permitted in either public or private zones.
The Adeje council has taken advice from the authorities regarding the risk of forest fires and combined with the need to continue to avoid crowds, has signed up to the decision of the insular department for the environment and safety. 
The council reminds the public that therefore no kind of bonfire will be allowed, and it is only because the Adeje public have been aware of the need to follow the measures taken to avoid Covid-19 infections so far that we have no cases in the borough.