Torviscas and El Duque beaches are flying blue flags

The Blue Flag is a distinction that recognises that beaches have met certain environmental and sanitation criteria

16 june 2020
The Adeje council has been granted the two Blue Flags they applied for, namely for Torviscas and El Duque beaches, and both have been successful and will fly the standard Blue Flags.
Among the services that must be presented to be awarded a blue flag are points where the public can access environment information about the zone. Water quality must meet a certain standard, and there has to be a level of environmental, safety and sanitation management as well as lifeguards, and information in a variety of languages.
Given the Covid-19 crisis, the Blue Flag organisation are now also including a condition that the local sewage systems meet certain requirements, established by the Ministry for Health, confirming “that the risk of contamination in bathing zones is extremely low if there is a water treatment plant nearby”. 
The local tourism councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera said, “The Blue Flags are good news for Costa Adeje, which is on the point of reopening its doors to tourism, as it is a sign of our commitment to quality, to excellence, to the promise of a destination that is safe and has hygiene/sanitation guarantees”.    He added his expectation that this summer Adeje could work towards the reigniting of the economic motor – tourism. 
The reopening of the beaches has allowed Adeje residents to take a step towards normality.  The council has asked people to act responsibly to ensure that beaches and bathing zones in the borough don’t become infection points, and continue to be enjoyed by and open to all. 
The beaches that are now open are Troya I, II, Torviscas, Fañabé, Duque Sur and Norte, La Enramada, Varadero, Puertito, Pinque, Ajabo and La Pinta, and the bathing zones are El Cabezo, Muelle, Puntilla de La Caleta, Salina and El Marqués.