The council is looking at various solutions to problems caused by manure spreading in Armeñime

The controls are under the Department of Agriculture of the Canarian Government

10 june 2020
The Adeje council’s Department of Health and Quality of Life, under councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, is currently examining various ways to combat the bad odours and fly infestation that is caused by manure spreading in Armeñime.  The council is doing this, bearing in mind that the authority in this regard is not local, but regional, in the hands of the Canarian Government’s Department of Agriculture.  For this reason the council is insisting that the regional authority work now to resolve the problem of spreading on farm land very close to populated areas.
Even though it doesn’t have the responsibility, the Adeje council is working against the clock to resolve the issue as a ‘public health’ matter, given the huge influx of flies in the residential zone which could affect the health of residents.  In parallel a technical and legal team is working with some urgency to create a local by-law which will allow the council to act in cases like these without having to appeal to the regional department.
The councillor has explained that since she received the first complaint on June 2nd she activated her team and contacted the local police to inspect the farms in question and report on the situation.  Following the inspections the local police prepared a report for the Adeje health department who were in touch immediately with the regional government requesting a rapid resolution to the problem, adding that he council needed to act to protect public health in the neighbourhood given the proliferation of flies. 
Councillor Trujillo Bencomo repeated the commitment the Adeje council had to the agricultural sector, “support their work, but ensuring that nothing affects the public’s health”.