Adeje Global, a new employment platform

Find a job, find an employee, connect online with Adeje Global

8 june 2020

The Adeje council’s departments of Employment, and Economic Development, under councillors Manuel Luis Méndez Martín and Raquel Rodríguez Alonso respectively, have launched Adeje Global, a web platform dedicated to cross-connecting Adeje’s unemployed with companies in search of employees. 

The new online tool was born out of need to assist the local population in search of work, and will work as a digital aid where they can look for and apply for jobs without having to attend at the CDTCA offices each time there is a vacancy or they need to update their data.  Those who register will be able to upload their personal data, edit it, and update it via the platform, which is operative from today, June 8th. 
The platform will also be open to those from outside Adeje, and companies will be able to use Adeje Global to publicise job offers, use it as a platform too for e-learning, etc. Users from Adeje or outside can use Adeje Global to search for work that is relevant to their qualifications. 
Those who are looking for work can request access to the online platform by presenting themselves initially at the offices, where they will need to bring all their relevant documentation. Once that is validated and uploaded a page is created for every individual with their information, qualifications, work-experience, etc. 
Interested companies, businesses who are seeking staff, can also request admittance to Adeje Global, and upload their work offers, detailing the kind of person they are looking for, criteria for the ideal candidates, etc. The platform managers will work to match individuals with potential work offers using the data that has been supplied.  
Once the offers have been filtered the potential employers, using a supplied password granting them access, can contact the page and profile of prospective candidates that have been identified as potentially suitable for the job in question.
How to access Adeje Global
From June 8th users of ‘Adeje Global’ will be able to ask for access via contact with the employment division, using the and then filling in the form they are sent, following the instructions.  Once accepted, they can access the page through, and go to ‘area privada’.  From there you can access your curriculum vitae, personal information, education and experience sections, and languages spoken, and interact directly with the local administration managing the platform.