Adeje’s 2019/2020 sports calendar comes to an end

Those who have paid the second half of the year can opt to have that as the first payment of the next sporting year

14 may 2020
The Adeje department of sports, under Councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, has announced that the 2019/2020 sporting year is now at an end.  The decision has been taken given the conditions created by Covid-19 and the measures applied by the government and the different phases “towards a new normality”.
The councillor said that those people who would have paid in full for the 2019/2020 campaign could opt to have the second half of the fees moved to cover the first payment for 2020/2021, or request a return of the money if they preferred. So for people who have decided not to continue with their chosen sport or the child involved has now moved into a different age bracket, money can be returned. 
Regarding renewing membership and matriculation for a course, this will be carried out by the sports department and of course will depend on the evolution of the current pandemic.  The department hope to be in touch with clients towards the end of this month and will offer appointments in the mornings and afternoons. Firstly they will contact all the current users of the facilities and those registered for courses to let them know about places, dates, hours, etc. for next term.  Thereafter matriculation will be open to the public, probably in July, depending on other factors.
There will also be information from the Sports Department on all the borough’s social networks and usual information channels. The department will also publish information regarding the new protocols and health and safety measures they are installing to ensure safety for monitors and students.
Given the current situation there is, as yet, no confirmed date for the start of the 2020/2021 sports calendar, though it is hoped that it will be in September, but nothing is 100% certain right now. All decision will have to be taken in accordance with advice from the national department of health and the education authorities who will also be looking at the dates for the start of the next school year. 
Alonso Ferrera noted the excellent contribution the professional sports team, monitors and teachers, have made and continue to make during the current phase, with online tutorials and videos to keep contact with students over these two months.  At the same time these professionals have made a detailed report about each student, which will be sent to parents if requested during the renovation period. 
The councillor added, “while we cannot celebrate the usual closing ceremonies to the 2019/2020 sporting campaign, we are preparing medals  for all of our sports students, a mark of their adherence to the values that are promoted in our sporting sessions: commitment, respect for the regulations, solidarity, etc.”
Finally the councillor confirmed “we are in constant contact with private sport centres too regarding when they might open and in what conditions, and we will keep the public up to date through the usual channels!."