This Good Friday re-live Adeje’s La Pasión (2019)

The 2019 performance will be rebroadcast on Canal 4 Televisión Tenerife, Mírame TV, 13 TV (nationally), Radio Sur Adeje 197.9 FM and on the Adeje municipal social networks

8 april 2020
Given the current state of emergency in Spain and the cancellation of all public acts, including Easter Week religious and civic events, the Adeje council have decided to rebroadcast the 2019 representation of the life and death of Jesus Christ, ‘La Pasión’.  It will be on a number of stations, from 12 midday, on Good Friday April 10th - Canal 4 Televisión Tenerife, Mírame TV, 13 TV (nationally they will be showing the 2018 performance) Radio Sur Adeje, 107.9 FM and the municipal social networks. 
Adeje’s La Pasión is certainly one of the most outstanding cultural events of the municipal calendar, and one that sees the highest participation by residents of the borough with over 300 local amateurs playing a role in the performance alongside the technical staff who work hard to bring this incredible work to the public year after year. From  the director,  Laura Marrero to the artistic director, Conrado Díaz, and the teams responsible for building the sets, sound, hair and make up, costumes, and the communications teams who are recording and photographing the event and reporting on it on air, in print, and on social networks.
The performance lasts two hours and takes place along the Adeje main street, the Calle Grande, starting at the Plaza de la Cruz del Llano, with the Last Supper, moving up the street stopping at various set scenes, the court of Pontius Pilate, meeting with Herod, Judas Iscariot, the oration in the Garden of Gethsemane, the meeting with Mary, up to the final scene, the crucifixion, which is in the Plaza de España, a memorable setting with the Barranco del Infierno behind the three crosses.  Jesus is played by José Antonio López, and his mother Mary by Ana Oneida. 
‘La Pasión’ was first performed, as the result of a idea among a few of the original creators, residents of Adeje, in 1996, but over the years has grown into the spectacular presentation it is today, recognised nationally as one of the important cultual Easter events. These days it is also something that our visitors are very eager to see and many people book their holidays specifically to coincide with the performance and the Easter break. 
The attention to historical and cultural detail in the costumes and settings is notable, and over the years additions to the set and the music have enhanced La Pasión. Original compositions by Manolo Hernández Trujillo with arrangements by the municipal School of Music under the baton of Juan Carlos Coronado have added to the repertoire, with the song of Herod by David Urbano y Agoney Hernández. Both Agoney and Jorge de León are ‘graduates’ of ‘La Pasión’ and have gone on to find fame nationally.  
Professional actor Nacho Almenar y Baltasar Isla, has taken part in the performance over many years, and the the Librea de Valle Guerra, have also been partners in the event annually. ´