Adeje is part of Earth Hour 2020

Lights along the main beaches and outside municipal buildings will be turned off for an hour this evening

28 march 2020

Earth Hour 2020 will serve to demonstrate that the earth matter to us and that we are together, that we are part of the solution to combat climate change and try to alleviate the damage to the natural world. 

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) says that after many many years working to achieve change, the ecological transition is happening.  At last governments, cities, individuals and businesses are beginning to mobilise and thousands of initiatives to combat climate change are beginning to take shape. But the world needs more, more ambition, faster action and because the speed of the damage to the natural world is putting our quality of life and that of future generations at risk, it is imperative that we act together and act now.

This is a key year in the battle to assure ourselves a sustainable future. For another year the WWF Earth Hour is working to mobilise thousands of individuals and institutions all over the world to show that the natural world matters and to demonstrate that by turning off the lights in and outside major buildings and monuments.

Adeje is a supporter of Earth Hour, which is taking place today, Saturday March 28th, 2020.  The lights along the Playa de Troya, outside the Farmers Markets, Playa Fañabe, outside the Fort House, municipal sports centres, cultural centres, tourism offices, the  CDTCA, and the Plaza de España will be turned off between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.