The municipal water services in Adeje are working as normal during the State of Emergency

Aqualia Entemanser has dealt with 3 tons of blockages and a number of leaks in the Siam Park and Los Menores areas where urgent repair work was needed

26 march 2020

The Adeje municipal water service, managed by Entemanser, a branch of Aqualia, is continuing its work during the state of emergency, to guarantee that all residents have access to clean water, especially during these days, confined, as we are, to our homes.

 Aqualia have already dealt with a number of leaks, notably in the Siam Park and the Los Menores zones, alerted to the problems by residents who noticed an absence of or drop in the pressure of water. The company, using the latest technology, were able to locate the leaks and fix them without enormous inconvenience to residents.

 The company also has registered an increase in the number of blockages in pipes – 3 tonnes more of wipes and towels and other solid waste that have impeded the supply of water to homes and led to unpleasant smells and can, the company says, also lead to sewage in the streets if not treated. Since the start of the current crisis and state of emergency there has been a 10% increase in the number of blockages the company have had to deal with. 

 They have asked the public to be more vigilant and careful in what they throw down the toilet. By simply remembering to throw wet wipes, sanitary products and any other solid products in the bin rather than the toilet, there would be a huge improvement noted. Toilet paper is not the issue – this can be flushed away.

 Aqualia noted that the Spanish Government have decreed that this service is considered an essential one under the current decree, and given the nature of the virus it was very important that the borough continues to have a clean water supply. 

 To ensure the services of Aqualia are still available to the public the company has put in place a Contingency Plan guaranteeing worker protection,  with the correct clothing, vehicle cleaning, social distancing at work, etc.

 While public offices are closed the public can contact the company online,, on Twitter, @aqualiacontact, via the local branch web, or freephone numbers 900 82 26 06 (client attention, 8ª – 8pm), 900 82 26 06 (24 emergency line) 900 82 26 07 (automatic meter readings)