Adeje continues with the disinfection plan

The work began on Tuesday and is being carried out by workers from the municipal services section (EMSA), UTE Adeje Ascan Torrabonaf and the UME

19 march 2020
On Tuesday March 17th the Adeje council put a plan into operation to disinfect the most widely used zones in the borough.  The work is being carried out by workers from the municipal services section (EMSA), who are disinfecting parks, gardens and recreation zones, the UTE Adeje Ascan Torrabonaf who are spraying in residential zones and the UME who are in charge of the tourist part of the borough.
The security measures adopted included this disinfection plan, using the services of those who clean the borough on a daily basis – and that work continues too.  The usual rubbish collection etc is being carried out as normal with the disinfection of the zones taking place when the sanitation authorities indicate the best time.
The disinfection plan is a contagion reduction measure to halt the spread of the COVID-19 virus, with the priority being to start with the zones with the highest footfall, so near establishments that still have public in attendance , such as supermarkets, pharmacies, health centres, banks, etc. 
The UTE Ascan Torrabonaf company is working in three shifts (morning, afternoon, night) creating special teams for the work, with machines using a sanitising spray which kills germs and bacteria but doesn’t impact on the health of humans.  The company is following guidelines laid down by the Spanish Health Ministry. 
During the first three days of the plan they have disinfected building facades, pavements and urban furniture in La Postura, Las Torres, Los Olivos, Adeje Casco, Callao Salvaje, Armeñime, Playa Paraíso and La Caleta. These were identified as zones with establishments visited by the public and therefore were prioritised. 
The EMSA is now about to carry out a second disinfection of playgrounds, gardens and open-air leisure zones as even though they remain closed to the public their cleanliness must be maintained, and furthermore the majority of them are near residential zones such as the El Madroñal, Callao Salvaje and César Manrique playgrounds.....
The UME (National Emergency Militia) are working both safety and disinfection tours, with the council requesting that they undertake the disinfection of the major tourist zones, near the commercial centres, food shops, pharmacies, etc. 
The main bus station is undergoing a thorough disinfection as are taxi stops and benches etc near these stops. 
Particular attention is being paid to the areas around San Sebastián y La Enramada, the Salytien plaza, Pueblo Canario, Playa Fañabé, and Troya, areas with a high turnover of tourists.