Parade of The Three Kings - keep safe, have fun

Safety measures during the Three Kings Parade

3 january 2023
 During the Three Kings parade in Adeje on January 5th there will be a number of people present who are working to keep everyone safe. Your safety is important to them and to their majesties. So, it is vital that everyone is aware of and follows a few safety rules so we can all enjoy the evening
Let’s work with Policía Local, the Civil Protection volunteers and the Volunteer Fire Brigade
Don’t park in the streets where signs have been put in place to request you not to
Stay on the pavements during the parade, behind the barriers that have been placed there for your safety and to make sure you keep a safe distance from the parade floats
Don’t attempt to cross the road in front of or between floats
Do not try to lift children up onto any moving floats
Don’t let go of your child’s hand during the parade – a sweet isn’t worth a life!
Don’t let your children climb up onto lampposts, walls, awnings or any other unstable structures  
Avoid collecting sweets too close to cars and floats
Don’t let off bangers (petardos) as you could frighten animals and cause panic among handlers and float attendants
In the case of an emergency phone 112
The Policía Local have advised parents to make a simple paper bracelet for their kids with a contact number on it in case they get lost, and do remind them to look for the police if they are lost or frightened.
After all that we wish you a Happy Kings Day-