Floods and rain recommendations

Stay safe

23 september 2022
In the event of a thunderstorm the public are advised to follow these recommendations
Pay attention to weather forecasts and the recommendations of the authorities
Check the state of roofs and tanks of water, as well as drains and downspouts.
Park your car in a safe place
Check you have torches or candles, and food that is cooked or gas cooked in the case of a power cut. Check you have batteries for torches and your radio.
Close and lock windows and doors to prevent the entry of water
Don’t go  hiking or camping until normal weather returns.
If you must drive, do so with extreme caution and do not enter a flooded zone. 
If the storm starts when you are driving, reduce speed and use extreme caution as roads can be affected by landslides
In case of flood threat, turn off the mains switch to the house.
In case of emergency, please feel free to call 1 1 2
This information has been compiled using data from the Canarian emergency services