Adeje’s neighbourhoods are full of floral crosses

Day of the cross is celebrated on May 3rd

3 may 2021
This year Adeje’s local neighbourhoods have been busy preparing floral crosses to mark May 3rd, Dia de la Cruz, day of the cross, with the assistance of the council’s departments of heritage and culture. “We can’t lose our traditions and values – they are part of our identity, they strengthen us as a people”, said heritage councillor Desiderio Afonso Ruiz. 
The cultural councillor María Clavijo Maza added that the council was always eager to encourage local participation.  “This kind of activity brings people together in the different neighbourhoods, the meeting points for residents in the zones, strengthening the ties that bind us”.
This year, unlike12 months ago, when the country was under a very strict lockdown, over 25 different resident groups took part in making these crosses all over the borough with flowers from local flower shops and garden centres. 
There are floral crosses  in Los Olivos, Las Nieves, La Postura, La Viña, El Galeón, Fañabé, Armeñime, El Puertito, Callao Salvaje, Los Menores, Tijoco, La Hoya, La Concepción, Tijoco Alto, Taucho, La Quinta and Las Moraditas.