Adeje has created a professional orientation unit, the UOP, to help those looking to improve their employment prospects

The UOP is for over 18s who want to improve their professional qualifications

14 february 2023
The Adeje Department of economic development and employment has a professional orientation unit,  the UOP, part of the Spanish Education Ministry’s mentor programme.  The project lasts for a year, and is based in the CDTCA.  The UOP is a free service to help over 18s access a professional service that will help them on a one-to-one basis, working on their training curriculum.  It will help them access the information they need to move towards the kind of job they are seeking, with work experience and formation, evaluation and accreditation.  It is designed to help those looking to improve their work/professional situation.
There be eligible for the UOP there are a few conditions. 
If you are looking to improve work prospects through experience, you must have worked at least 3 years/ 2,000 hours in the last 15 years (or less), or for level 1, 1,200 hours of work experience in the last 2 years.
If you are seeking further training, you should have at least 300 hours of work in the last 10 years, or 200 hours if you are applying at level 1.
For more information contact the CDTCA 922756249 or email